Anna Maria Mendieta & Tango Del Cielo

SF Music Day Performance Information

Herbst Theater: 12:00 – 12:30

Leading you through the tight turns, dips and smokey cafes of Argentina, concert harpist Anna Maria Mendieta’s “Tango Del Cielo” (Tango of Heaven) is an exciting multimedia concert-show performing the passionate and sensuous music of the Argentine Tango and the dramatic and fiery Spanish Flamenco. Bringing together: harp, strings, percussion and dance — we invite you to experience this wholly captivating music in a way never before presented!

With standing ovations nationwide, “Tango Del Cielo”, a unique theatrical music and dance program features a fusion of many Latin styles including Argentine Tango, Flamenco, Spanish Classical, and Latin Jazz. Tango Del Cielo concerts are especially entertaining with a tribute to the Silent Films, incorporating multi-media use of film art, staging, lighting, and effects. The programs are full of surprises and appropriate for audiences of all ages.